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What's So Positive About Positive Discipline?

by Karen Stephens
September/October 1992
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Picture it. You've planned a staff beannie-weenie, chip 'n cheese party (translation: child care directors' econo-class alternative to the more upscale office cocktail party). We directors plan these parties to promote staff unity, employer loyalty, and other such lofty goals . . . we hope these get-togethers prevent staff burnout (or should I say blow up?).

Some directors taboo shop talk at beannie-weenie, chip 'n cheese parties . . . but admit it, who are we kidding? Try as we might to create a non-work atmosphere, the staff will end up shop talking into the wee hours of the morning. Yes, slowly but surely (meaning after all the food has been inhaled), the discussion will focus on one or two choice children from each classroom. You know the ones . . . the behaviorally challenging children. Nothing unites a staff like commiserating over discipline problems! (So rest easy, one of your party goals has been achieved!)

As your mind swims in anecdotes of children's audacious, reprehensible, and repugnant behavior, you find yourself wondering why we adults always think of children as being behaviorally challenging rather than ourselves. Before you know it, something close to ...

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