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Wonder - NACC Newsletter

November/December 2009
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Trees, grass, and the sounds of the forest
“Children’s Nature Canon” aims to outline vital experiences for young children

How does the rain smell? What is the sound of the forest? What is natural when you are a four-year- old kid and go into the kindergarten?

Two hundred Danish early childhood educators have recently given the Danish Outdoor Council, an international non-profit, their ideas on the subject.

The Danish Minister for the ­Environment has decided that Denmark should have a Nature Canon �" a list of some of the most important and interesting natural wonders of Denmark. In spring 2009, all Danes were invited to deliver proposals for the canon, and more than 1,400 people and organizations did so. A board of experts now works on publishing the final Nature ­Canon, which is supposed to come out this autumn.

In the meantime, early childhood educators with Green Kindergartens in Denmark were given a green light by the Outdoor Council, because they work seriously with sustainability and the environment �" and they have ­created their own outline of important experiences for children.
“The Children’s Nature Canon” outlines 52 basic nature experi-ences that children should have had before reaching the age of six.

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