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World Forum in Action

January/February 2013
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The World Forum’s Global Leaders for Young Children from North America and the Caribbean met at United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education, Miami, Florida, November 4-6, 2012.

The purpose of the meeting was to continue the mentoring of these leaders as advocates for young children, learn about their advocacy projects, work together to strategize how to leverage, maximize, and link projects �" and strengthen this group as a community to each other. All objectives were met. We spent some time thinking about this particular group as they build their roles in the WF community and extend their learnings in their own communities.

We want to thank Rose Davies, Bela Moté, and Francie Hunt, Christa Griest, and founder Joan Lombardi for their work on behalf of Global Leaders; United Way and Gladys Montes and Bevone Ritchie and the staff, children, and families of
the Center; and Luis Hernandez and Don Finefrock. This was great work.

In Attendence:
Aura Sburlan, Bevone Ritchie, Camarrah Morgan, Chris Kiewra, Dallas Pettigrew, Diana Stenen, Ellen Drolette, Gail Conway, Gladys Montes, John Campin, Judy Williams, Kim Nall, Lucia Vincecio, Mark Elliott, Marsha White, Nicolette Foster, Olivia Wilmot, Rob Grunewald, Rosemarie Allen, Sheri Senter, Tina Reeble, ...

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