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Feedback From You
August 15, 2002

"Always keep a window in the attic open; not just cracked: open." —Henry James


We receive a lot of feedback from ExchangeEveryDay readers. More than we can share. But today and tomorrow we will share a few recent offerings:

Vijaya Murthy from India:

"This is in response to Zigler's views on myopic approach to reading programs for children. My doctoral research was on scholastic readiness of preschool children wherein it emerged very starkly that the home background was crucial to the school readiness of young children. Many parents and sadly even teachers expected children to master learning without providing any related experiences. In fact, they realised when asked "What is our goal, Making children learn to read or helping them to read to learn. A few years back, the government had passed instructions to primary teachers that children must add/learn 500 words vocabulary every year. The teachers tried hard to teach the 500 words without realising the need to provide experiences to familiarise the words. The whole project was shelved as it was concluded that it is not possible to teach so much."


Two responses to "Breastfeeding Linked to Intelligence:"

Joan Orr: "Interesting reading - but what is six IQ points and how can this be accurately assessed - these results should NOT cause guilt feelings for those who breastfeed for shorter periods."

Roger M. Olsen, Jr.: "OK, but just know that 6 points of IQ difference means that Gabriella will be able to stick a forkful of food in her mouth, as opposed to in her eye..."


Responding to A World Fit For Children

Jean Warren shared this poem she wrote in 1991:

Speak Out For Children

Come let us gather together.
Come let us speak now as one.
Speak for the rights of the children.
Speak out the needs to be done.

Speak for the hearts that are hungry.
Speak for the hearts that are sad.
Speak for each child a beginning
That futures a heart ever glad.

Speak for a world where the children
Come first in each thought and each plan.
Speak for a world where the children
Have rights - no matter the land.

Come, let us ring out our voices,
Come, stand together and say
Each child has the right to a future!
Each voice can help light the way!

Feel free to share your feedback to stories in ExchangeEveryDay by sending your comments to [email protected]. We can't promise to print every response, but it will help us shape the direction of ExchangeEveryDay.


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