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More Feedback From You
August 16, 2002


Here are some more examples of feedback sent in from readers of ExchangeEveryDay:

Responding to "Do We Want Rigorous Education?"

"I would say that it probably accurately describes the program in place today in the public education system. I have two children in this system. The schools 'teach to the test' because schools are 'accountable' and these schools are graded by how well children do on these 'tests'. The curriculum and the requirements for children in public schools, especially if in the honors program, are grinding. I find more and more children simply do not enjoy school anymore. They are getting burned out earlier and earlier. I have heard that the drop out rates and suicide rates in colleges are on the rise. I speculate that this could have something to do with the pressures of rigorous education standards and the fact that learning just isn't fun anymore. I can tell you that the rigorous pattern starts in kindergarten!" Signed: Mom who is worried and day care director who knows better.


Dorothy June Sciarra:

"In response to the item on after school programs, it was an impressive list and good to hear from those who have found after school programs important in their lives. It behooves us all to continue to improve the quality of those programs for the children who must be there instead of home with family after school hours. On the other hand, it is important for early childhood educators to continue to point out that even a good after school program does not replace being at home with family when that can happen."


Responding to Bill Gates Addresses World Leaders on Child Health

Kirsten Haugen: "It's interesting that the main credential Bill Gates -- a software developer & CEO -- has for addressing the UN Special Session on children seems to be the fact that he has money and lots of it. While it's well & good that he has plans for applying some of that vast wealth toward promoting children's health worldwide, my cynical side says there may be other experts who didn't have the bank roll to be invited, and more importantly, there are other pressing needs to address, such as what we'll do to provide for the basic needs and education of each one of the 3 million-plus children who would be saved through vaccines alone.

"Secondly, by what mechanism does Bill Gates suggest 'people would provide the resources needed to solve these problems' -- voluntary donations? taxes? funds for foreign debt reduction? funds for universal health care and coverage? This is where political leadership truly comes in, and where people have to begin to walk the talk, and stick with it through the long haul.

"In addition, having spent two hours at the pediatrician's office yesterday, surrounded by posters, diagnostic equipment, free drug samples, patient education literature, and even children's books & videos all emblazoned with the logos of giant pharmaceuticals, I have to wonder if we need at least as much focus on corporate reform as Bill Gates suggests we need on political leadership. (And perhaps a corporate giant like Gates could be in a position of influence.) If international pharmaceutical giants directed more research and marketing efforts toward simple life-saving drugs rather than the money-making ones (Viagra? Botox?), we might very well make some giant steps toward Bill Gate's goals."

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