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ECE Trends Around the World

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This volume of Exchange Essentials includes the following selected Exchange articles, in PDF format, focusing on trends in early childhood education around the world:

  • Happy, Healthy, Laughing Children
    by Michael J. Kelly, S.J.
  • Bleak Outlook for Children Who Are Refugees
    by Roger Neugebauer
  • Investing in Early Childhood Education �" Global Philanthropy
    by Roger Neugebauer
  • Helping Children Understand and Deal with Poverty �" Lessons from Greece
    by Diane Levin
  • Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on Children and Families
    by Roger Neugebauer
  • Trends in National Early Childhood Policies
    by Roger Neugebauer
  • Children at Risk �" Global Views on Challenges Facing Children
    by Roger Neugebauer
  • Well-Being of Children of the World
    by Roger Neugebauer
  • Global Trends in Early Childhood Education
    by Roger Neugebauer and Emily Goodeve

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ECE Trends Around the World