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Neighbors to the North: Canadian Educators Reimagining ECE

by Margie Carter in conversation with Kim Atkinson, Mary Burgaretta and Laurie Kocher
November/December 2020
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In this time of such uncertainty, my mind continually circles around some big questions: What is bringing me hope and a sense of possibilities? How do we move away from wanting to return to “normal,” when so much of “normal” was really messed up? Where do we find the inspiration that will take us into transformation, rather than accommodation with how things are and have been? What process helps us face, repair, and get beyond the grip of greed, violence, and racism that has shaped our lives and a diminished view of children for so many generations?

Across our border, Canadian educators provide a symbolic North Star for navigation and hope. Even before the arrival of a global pandemic, the Ministry of Education in British Columbia had acknowledged the arrival of a new era and the need to revise their 2008 Early Learning Framework. Most provinces across Canada have an early learning framework now, but BC’s was one of the first created. The 2019 revised framework attempts to acknowledge the times we are currently living in.

We have no parallel public policy document for early education in the United States, but ...

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