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The Truth About Bad Attitudes

by Gigi Schweikert
March/April 2011
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The real deal

Many people enter the early childhood field because they enjoy working with children. We’ll all agree that we love the children, and that may be where our complete agreement ends. Until we spend time in the classroom, many of us don’t realize that the picture we painted in our heads of us working independently with a group of cute, well-behaved kids isn’t the real
scenario. Yes, the kids are cute! But unlike an elementary school teacher who usually teaches by herself in a self-contained classroom, early childhood professionals interact as much with the other adults in the classroom and the program as they do with the children. So what does all that mean? To be successful in early childhood education, we have to love and work well with the children and the adults, even if the adults aren’t as cute.

Do you have a good attitude at work?

Do you have a good attitude at work or do you tend to grumble, complain, and make unfavorable comments? A person with a good attitude:

• knows and expects that things won’t always go as planned.
• accepts the situation as it is, but works to improve it.
• is generally happy, despite the circumstances.
• ...

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